Town of Collierville

Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Arts

Core Businesses

   1. Guide the Department's Future Growth and Development

  • Develop and update long term plans: Master Park Plan, Capital Investment Plan, Greenbelt Master Plan, and 5 year Park Plan.
  • Develop Financial Plan to provide future development.
  • Oversee the budgeting process and personnel to insure adequate operating funds and personnel to operate Parks services.

   2. Provide Recreational Facilities and Programs 

  • Plan and develop Major Community Facilities, Greenbelts, Parks and similar amenities.
  • Plan Community Activities and Events.
  • Plan Park Development and improvements.
  • Provide organized sports, camps, recreational, educational, and instructional opportunities.
  • Provide Cultural Arts programs and activities.
  • Partner with Community Organizations for leisure programs and events.

   3.  Develop, protect, promote and maintain current and future Park
           properties, facilities, trails, and open spaces. 

  • Maintain a highly motivated, competent and skilled maintenance division.
  • Insure Administration Staff is trained and understanding of all local, state, and federal opportunities for funding.
  • Insure all personnel as required is trained and qualified for the safe operation of all department equipment and vehicles.
  • Work with other local, state, county, and federal agencies to enhance recreational space.



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