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Greenbelt System  Brochure & Map
W. C. Johnson Complete Trail Map

The Collierville Greenbelt System provides not only miles of exciting walking and exercise opportunities, but is designed to connect neighborhoods, Parks, Schools, and commercial areas by providing alternative transportation options, with 18.38 miles of trails and connectors.  The Department has recently opened a new section of trail at W. C. Johnson Park.  This section features both hard surface and primitive trails for pedestrians and bicycles.  Winding through the Wolf River bottom, this section connects with the Boardwalk and provide a 3.1 mile loop around the Park.       

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Below is a listing of the distances of trails and sidewalk connections:

Queen Oaks Trail
(White Road to Powell Road) - .55 miles
H.W. Cox Park Exercise Trail - 1.20 miles
Eastbrook Trail (H.W. Cox Park to Shelton Road) - .95 miles
Wagon Trail (Shelton Road to W.C. Johnson Park) - .50 miles
W.C. Johnson Park Boardwalk - .86 miles
W.C. Johnson Park Exercise Trail (around lake) - .70 miles
W.C. Johnson Park Primative Trail - 3
.5 miles
W.C. Johnson internal trail - 1.55 miles
Oakmont Trail (Powell Road to Frank Road) - .50 miles
Crosswinds Trail (Frank Road to Shelton Road) - .80 miles
Ashton Woods Trail (Ashton Woods to Tara Oaks Elementary) - .65 miles
Tara Oaks Trail (Tara Oaks Elementary to Belle Watley Drive) - .50 miles
Steeplechase Trail (Poplar Avenue to Grand Steeple Drive) - .65 miles
Wynnbrooke Trail (North End of Hartwell Subdivision) - 1.0 miles
Nonconnah Trail (Schilling Farms Middle to Houston Levee Road) - 1.6 miles
Porter Farms Trail (Poplar Avenue to Winchester Blvd.) - .50 miles
Wolf River Parkway Trail (Shelton Road to W. C. Johnson Park) - .75 miles
Halle Park Trail  - .80 miles
Hinton Park Trail - 1.02 miles

TOTAL Greenbelt mileage: 18.58 miles

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