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Tried of your exercise routine and want to try something different? Or are you unsure where to begin on a new exercise program? The department just installed the first QR FiT Trail in the state of Tennseess at H. W. Cox Jr. Park. QR FiT Trails provide on-demand, training videos to users by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.
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Six signs have been added along the greenbelt exercise trail at the park that accesses four different types of exercises: core, flexibility, lower body and upper body. The exercise routines are also tailored by varied intensity levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. The program will continually offer new routines; the types of exercises will change monthly.

To participate in the QR FiT Trail, users need to have a smartphone with a QR code reader, which can be downloaded for free from an App Store. Use the QR code reader to scan one of the four codes displayed on a sign depending on the desired fitness routine (core, flexibility, lower body or upper body.) When the code is scanned, a video will appear on the phone's screen with a fitness trainer explaining and demonstrating the exercise. When the routine is completed, simply follow the trail to the next posted sign. The six QR FiT Trail signs are dispered in a loop around the park. Scanning a Code  Smug User  Start Sign


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