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Thank you for your interest in our youth (5-14 years), intramural (15-18 years) and adult (18 and over) sports programs. The Recreation and Sports Division operates under the authority of the Town of Collierville and the Collierville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department and the adopted policies, procedures, ordinances and laws adopted by the Town of Collierville Board of Mayor & Alderman with direct input from the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Director and the Recreation and Sports Manager of the Department.

The Town’s Youth Athletic Programs are designed to allow participants an opportunity to have fun, learn an athletic skill, and learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. The Town recognizes that youth, athletic programs provide: Development of Character, Commitment, Leadership and Attitude. The Town recognizes its responsibility to ensure that participants and parents know the following to be true: There will be equal treatment of all participants, and the teams will be leveled fairly to assist in providing league parity in all sports.

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It is our youth sports philosophy to provide an atmosphere where each participant learns an athletic skill, is taught the values of teamwork and sportsmanship, and above all else, HAS FUN!

The Department and the Division has the responsibility of providing sports, recreation and special events for the citizens of the Town, with the following purposes and objectives:

  1. Promote the concept that participation in some type of active sports, recreation or special event program is both necessary and beneficial to a long and healthy life.
  2. Recreational, athletic programs are the foremost responsibility of the Division and its approved Service Providers, and athletic facility distribution shall reflect that position.
  3. Responsible to provide the best facilities possible for all programs.
  4. It is the desire of this Department to improve the physical and mental health of all participants.
  5. Provide the opportunity for our citizens to learn the skills and establish the habit of participation in a society of activities so there will be enjoyment of appropriate activities in later life as well as present.

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