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Draft Policy- Recrational Sports

We will use the following draft policy in all of our recreational, youth sports:

Protected Players

  1. The “protected” players must be the children of the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coach. A Head Coach does not have to name an Assistant Coach.

  2. Teams can protect no more than two (2) players on a team:  1) Head Coach’s child and 2) Assistant Coach’s child. The only exception is in our Tee Ball program, where we allow coach and/or player requests. The Head Coach and Assistant Coaches’ children will assume the final two roster positions in the team draft process.

  3. The Division reserves the right to rule on a situation where a coach, who does not have a child in the program, may protect immediate family members (nephew, niece, step children, foster children, etc.);  however, the Division will require written documentation from all parties involved within 48 hours of the start of the draft meeting.

  4. All Head Coaches must have an application filled out with the Division, and the Assistant Coach must be documented and approved by the Division prior to the start of the draft. No Assistant Coaches may be added once the draft meeting has started.

  5. All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must complete a criminal background check by the company approved by the Department.

Returning Players

  1. There are no returning players.  The only exception is in our Tee Ball program.

Player Evaluations

  1. It is highly recommended that all players attend the Player Evaluations. This is a tool for Head Coaches to determine who he/she would like to draft onto his/her team.

  2. Any player not able to attend player evaluations will be placed into the Blind Draft. The Blind Draft will occur at the end of the player selection draft. Names of kids will be drawn by each coach according to our draft order.

  3. Once the last player is drafted that attended evaluations, the next team in the draft order will draw from the Blind Draft and so on until all players have been placed on a team.

Team Draft    (Coach Draft)

  1. Coaches will draw numbers and/or team names for their order pick in the draft.

  2. The draft for a two age division league will begin with the oldest age group to be picked. The number of players in each age group could deviate from specific player age drafting.

  3. The coach who draws #1 in the draft order will have the first pick of the first round (unless assumed by a protected player) and all odd numbered rounds. The last coach to pick in the first round will have the first pick to begin the second round and all even numbered rounds.

  4. Once all players that attended evaluations have been drafted by the teams, players not in attendance of evaluations will be placed in a Blind Draft, and coaches will fill out the remainder of their roster by drawing names from the Blind Draft list.

Team Draft    (Computer Draft)
In the event that teams will be selected by a computer draft, the following process will be used:

  1. Draft order will be drawn by the Division staff. At least two members of the Division staff will be present at the drawing.

  2. All Head Coaches are asked to turn in a list that will include up to and no more than two protected players:  1) Head Coach’s child and 2) Assistant Coach’s child. The Head Coach will also send a list of 12 to 24 names of players ranked in order that they would like to choose the players. The number will be determined by the number of players on each roster.

  3. The computer draft will continue as in the team draft procedures with the first coach selecting the first player on his/her list and so on.

  4. Once all requested names have been drafted, the rest of the rosters will be filled in by computer with consideration of date of birth, age and/or years’ experience in that sport.


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